Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do the Gnomes have names?

What? Haven't you watched Snow White? Of course gnomes have different names!! All the Universe is built from the descendants of the Seven Primordial Gnomes (SPG): Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Charm, Strange and Grumpy. Some apocriphal grimoriums like the Necrognomicon postulate the existence of an eigth primordial dwarf called Gimli, but of course that's just a mere speculation. Gnomes are very proud of their ancestors, but they also like to be recognised as individuals, that's why the descendants of the Seven Primordial Gnomes are called after their ancestors, but when they reach maturity they choose a color to be associated with their name (this happens during a ritual that involves drinking lots of beer) and they have four choices: Red, Green, Blue and Pink (according to the Necrognomicon there is a fifth colour called Octarine, only the gnomes who dress this colour are invisible to most humans, in fact they can only be seen by mages and wittches which, as everybody knows, are extinct). Then there are the evil gnomes, who reject the principles established by the SPG and call themselves anti-gnomes, thus anteposing the anti as a prefix to the name of the SPG they hate the most.

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