Wednesday, April 1, 2009


there is a such thing as being too young to have your palms read, but i dont think it applies to you. i believe that the the cutoff age is under 10-12 years of age...and even then it is not set in stone. the most accurate readings are done when you are an adult. (somewhere between 20-25 and upwards) because at this time you have some distinct goals, belifs, values, and ideas about how you would like your future to be.
the younger you are, the faster your lines change, this is because you lack some views about life that you acquire as an adult. these views affect your lines in certain ways (whether it be through working with your hands, or some other mystical cause). it is also good to have your palm read when you are an adult because you have a reasonable amount of previous experience, which shows up in your lines and is used to help determine your future.
the faintness of your lines doesnt really make a difference. a good palmist can read them nonetheless. the faintness just has to do with each individual. its just the way you are. in which case, getting older does not necessarily change the faintness of your lines.
as i have also mentioned (many times) before...what you find out about yourself through palmistry is not set in stone. your lines will change as your ideas and decisions about your future change. i just like to stress this point so that people realize that there is no-one who controls your life, other than yourself. and that you are free to do whatever you keep chasing that impossible dream and striving for that ridiculous goal, because no one knows anything for sure.

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