Monday, May 11, 2009

Zoozoos in Vodafone Group SMS advertisement. Message all your Friends at once

Zoozoos is now playing in Vodafone Group SMS ad.
Ad Description:
A Kid Zoozoo will be playing with a ball using table tennis bat.
The ball movement is exceptional(only zoozoos can do that) and it goes on playing like this.
a big zoozoo now starts disturbing this kid zoozoo, tries to poke it everytime the kid zoozoo gonna play.
The kid zoozoo finally gets irritated of this big zoozoo(parent zoozoo)
it just whistles once(sounds something like this: shviyyyya shviyyyyy). now the kid zoozoos friends will rush towards the spot and starts beating the parent one!!
That's all! It's Real Fun To Watch This Video. It's better you see this video ..there is lot of difference in describing this zoozoo ad and watching it! you really gonna love this video. have fun.

here is the video for "Vodafone Group sms" "Vodafone Group Message zoozoo ad"

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