Friday, May 8, 2009

What is the 'physical meaning' of zero and imaginary number?

Certainly I need those statements! Certainly a simple argument for the existance of an absolute space and absolute time.

Ok all your quantitative approaches is based on these references!

Even the results of Relativity has been derived using these meaning in its innermost level.

Ok I'll try to clarify it>

Consider the Fundamentals of calculus.

You can simply imagine a physical picture for the fundamental results such as

Lim x , Lim (1/x) and so on (ok +&- approaches also)
x->0 x->0
Then these fundamental results derived using your physical imagination (ie,physical picture) have been employed to find the limits of higher functions without much mental excercise(ie,direct physical imagination which is cubersome and almost takes years of thought process to derive a correct result).

That is the fundamentals have been derived from the physical imagination and then wisely employed to ease the task.

This is what a quantiative analysis does converting qualitative task to mathematical by embedding original meaning in to it at the basic.

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zero denotes the absolute time of absolute singularity whereas imagina denotes absolute space ( beyond imagination) TAITIRYA upanishad states it as below

Yato wacho nivartante aprapya manasa sah

Everything is physics! 
Hey guys where is my topic asking physical picture behind zero and imaginary number?
If you people dont hav imagination.. just get off....It can never be a non physical stuff.
I just tried to explore the aberrations possibly formed in quantitative approach while the qualitative method is the original method. During my school days I named Physics as a 'science of beauty' because of my keen interest to watch it qualitatively...quantitative approach has been deviced to ease the qualitative analysis and not to replace it!
It simply argues that a flow in quantitative approach may lead to unprecedented results which further may decoded into incorrect qualities which in turn results in(amazing) understandings.
I have been trying to device a fluid mechanical model of the universe along with a visualanalysis technique. All my topics were some or more related to this aim and find a right guy to discuss with...starting from quality to quantity!

Ok... Here is a challenge for you all! If you can satisfie me,I will just get rid of this attempt.
Ok what do you imagin if I tell you just the number 'one'? 
Now what is the difference if it is 'one mango' rather than just 'one'?

You must have something on your mind right! "a physical picture"

Ok extending the latter you can make a similiar picture for 'one'....not just the picture of the symbol!

Ok now what do you mean by a 'zero'? The original 'physical picture'( not the 'symbol' )of zero is undefined or vaguely defined. But still you can provide a 'physical picture'>>if you are interested I will try to connect it with "absolute/relative space" later.

But with imaginary numbers you completly fails.... 

Can you make a 'physical picture' for an imaginary number? (Challenge)

Its a (quantitative)deal without quality. The real physics is absent here.... because 'physical picture' stands for the physical meaning.
If at the fundamental level you are successful to provide a "physical meaning" to eve

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