Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amazing Vodafone's ZooZoo Ads

Newly launched Vodafone ZooZoo advertisements are creating wave all over the world. The ads are specially made for IPL season-2 to target Indian audience but, it seems, it is getting much more audience than its fathers have anticipated. Everyone seems to enjoy the ads, and over 30,000 fans in its Facebook Club testifies it.

The ads are created by top AD agency Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) India. One after one successful AD concepts show why it is rated as top agency. It was difficult to come with a AD concept that perfectly replaces following-dog commercials while maintaining its sheen, but the agency did it perfectly, and the fresh concept has also succeeded in grabbing the attention of those who had lost interest in old pug advertisements.

Total of 29 different ads have been shot. Till today, only 12-13 ads have been aired. So there is lot more to come, lot more to enjoy and lot more to blog! Keep checking...

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