Friday, May 8, 2009

has tata nano copied mitsubishi-i-car

has tata nano copied mitsubishi-i-car???

Tata are not copycats ! They stand for Trust and Ethics 

First the japnese commented that it will be a 4 wheeled auto.......

but when it became a reality, now they r commenting that it is a copy cat........

Foolish Japs

A 66 b $ company does not need to copy and espacially TATAs won't do it/

design style engine capacity lay out looks similar

then it could be vice-versa of " has tata nano copied mitsubishi-i-car" 

i mean there could be possibility of Mitsubishi-i-car copying tata nano

If Mistubishi had made the car , why dont they launch it on par of nano 

it can be strange co-incident. they developed a similar car but they cannot match the price

Tata also is offering that price for limited period!
playing market games

Although the similarity in design is stark, Nano cannot be called a copy.
The main reason is that Nano is a cheap car while I-car is not. The main concept behind Nano is its cheapness and that has happen because of the cheap parts it has used in Nano.

the car is 18000$, that makes it 9 times the basic version and 6 times the luxury version.. add then the duties and taxes..

nano is nano..

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