Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Dalit Woman, Meira Kumar, Nominated as Lok Sabha Speaker

A Dalit woman as Lok Sabha Speaker! Indian democracy will cross yet another milestone with the Congress leadership deciding to
nominate Meira Kumar for the post.

OMG!! dis country is really under womens -
President - Pratibha Patel
PM - Sonia Gandhi (oops SMS)
LS Speaker - Meira Kumar

seems like yet another bit of tokenism
how does it truly change anything?
it's not as if till now, there was discrimination against Dalits for selecting speaker
or by becoming Speaker, she will do anything for welfare of Dalits

what is so "DALIT" about Meera Kumar?
Her father occupied MP status for 40 years or so. He rose to the position of Defense minister and deputy PM.
After his death, she started representing Saharsa and has ever since kept the seat.
Her status as a 'Dalit' was uplifted years ago by her father's position.
Reservation should not be to uplift individuals or individual families, but the community as a whole.
Once a person is elected from a reserved seat, his/her status as a dalit should be removed

"i again would not mind if so should help uniformatise the Indian society as a whole
then no caste no class all would be fine... no one would raise question let anyone be chosen and let anyone rule..."
for that a caste or religion based reservation should stop first
if after 60 years any reservation is needed it should be based on fianancial condition

"What is wrong if a women becomes a speaker? Najma Heptulla was deputy speaker in Rajya sabha. "
ya she deserved it and the basis of these post should be based on merit
well frankly apj abdul kalam deverved the president's job more than pratibha patil
whats the creditential of this meera? she is just another product of dynasty system

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