Saturday, May 30, 2009

How do Earth get the Gravity?

please tell me if any one knows that,how did earth get gravity?

a great question...
you must have heard that earth behaves like a natural it must have north pole and a south pole...
i just compare magnetic force as a gravitational force...
always earth will have its own field around it...
when you throw something up.. this force called gravitational force attracts it down towards the earth..

guys gravity has nothing to do with earth's core or its magnetic field. According to newton every partcle of matter attracts every other parlicle with the force which is directly praportional to product of there masses & inversly praportional to square of distance between them this is the gravity & we can feel the gravity of earth , moon , sun due to their great mass.

What do U think? Which Is Correct?

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  1. Maybe you should learn to spell before you start to touch on such questions about physics. It's hardly surprising no one took reference on your post. Please learn how to write and appear more professional.

    Even if your answers are true, no one would reference them.