Wednesday, May 13, 2009

zoozoos in Making of Vodafone Call Filter advertisement

Here is the video for the making of vodafone call filter ad featured by zoozoo.
download or share the video "the making of vodafone call filter ad"

zoozoos are played by human... this fact disappoints me.. i like zoozoos to be zoozoos! zoozoos are so cute is not it? i start imagining every person as a zoozoo! great fun when you do so! male zoozoo, female zoozoo, kid zoozoo, friend zoozoo, enemy zoozoo, big zoozoo, small zoozoo, stupid zoozoo, cute zoozoo, hot zoozoo, crying zoozoo, laughing zoozoo, screaming zoozoo, irritating zoozoo? irritated seeing zoozoos each time? leave your clean comments here!

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