Saturday, May 30, 2009

Theoretical CS vs Practical CS


Hi.As we know that Theoretical Computer sc. concentrate on cryptography, algorithms, complexity theory, AI, Pattern recognition, NLP etc.
Where as practical CS is different which one is better to do MTech in theoretical CS or practical.......most of the institute syllable base on Practical ....but some institute like ISI,calcutta etc have most of Theoretical CS .
But i don't that what is the scope in Theoretical CS........after BE/BTech ,,,,,,,,mean i m not Math relate person how theory help me to achieve /???

1 answer till now:
The choice is do you want to be a programmer or a computer scientist. Just being a programmer without a solid understanding and base of theory will be limiting.

You will need a good mix of technology-related and systems courses, but a sound theoretical foundation is essential to excel.

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