Friday, May 1, 2009

The First Discovery of an Ancient Man

What would be the very first Discovery Of a man of this EARTH.
That changed the world Total.My guess is FIRE.

go many years before.......the first discovery was the fact he discovered after playing the biggest gamble leave trees and roam the land of the Africa,he discovered that he can live well off the land!but only after being either much stronger,or much more intelligent and versatile!man chose the latter....that's y we are here typing this!

i think when man came down from the trees and started to evevolve or adapt with his increase of inteligence the first thing that he would use it for will be for defence and food gathering this is where he would use tools for defence or to hunt {so his first discovery will be pointy things gooood }

man is no king.....and man knos that when a tiger or bear comes b4 a man stripd to his basic assets....animals dont worship and obey us,nor does nature....we are just a product of nature,n happen to be is destroying the earth king does that to his house..

We don't even know exactly when a primate became "Man".

I think its roughly 1 million years ago.

My opinion: First discovery was Erection. Don't mistake me (Ha, Ha), I meant advantages of walking upright (Hence the term of one of those early hominids - "Homo Erectus") which lead to travelling and discovering newer things. 

Coz, somebody said "Man first discovered himself" earlier, I'd say - Self awareness may have come to man along the way. I think most animals living in social condition have or develop some minute form of self-awareness. What do you do to see yourself? See Mirror!!. You need another reference point to see your reflection, hence a social animal is bound to develop self consciousness at some level or the other however minute it may be.

Hey! but this deals with Archeology or something like study of ancient bio-sciences. Nothing to do with Astronomy!

First must be about food... you need to EAT something...
that discovery must be quite fascinating... especially what to eat...

Second discovery must be about death,,, that people die.
We understand death as cease of living. 
But imagine what would have it taken for man to understand tht one dies, and doesnt sleep !

About the discovery that changed the world,,,,
it must be communicating ! IMagine if you didnt knew anything , how would you express yourself...
that must be it... dont u think ?

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