Sunday, May 3, 2009

virus and hacking

hey guysss plss tell me that can we make virus and hacking programs in c????

Yes you can..for viruses coding assembly is a better platform thn C

okkk...wat will be the best book to start assemblyy..n wat about hacking programs

You can check out the Art of Assembly.

buttt tell me for hacking softwares to be made in c,where shud i start..

Why are you curious of hacking ?

cozzz i am interested in itt...cudd u tell me where shud i startt for context wid c languageee
Hacking is more about subverting a code, or a system. Your answer depends on what are you looking for. If on a system-level, you need to learn about various security breaches that could be made during system configuration, and how could you access that system to take advantage of it.

On the code-level, you could take advantage of lacunae (that a developer would have emitted) to hook on to a procedure that you need to execute for desired results. Now, this lacunae (breach) could be at an API-level of the software or you would have to recompile by looking at its source code. If the source-code is not available you could reverse-engineer it. The lower you go in the language-level (lowest being assembly) hierarchy the harder it is to understand the breach. Usually breaches follow a pattern that hackers eagerly lookout for.

A virus is a program that uses hacking technique. This may be either to take control of the system (or a program) or to just fail the system (or a program).
The easiest way to make a virus right now would be to go to US and catch swine flu.
Very deadly virus made by dumb developers, pigs!

One More Definition For Virus:
A virus is a program which has the ability of reproducing itself. A virus creation has several stages one of which is uploading the payload i.e what it will do after reproducing.
Now it is upto the developer to make the paylaod constructive or destructive (sadly enough 99.9 % of those morons are destructive in nature)..A virus can be built even without any payload but what use of that will be anyways..That day I was reading in a book, that in mid 80's there existed a virus which actually used to compress all our files in the filesystem and thus save some valueable diskspace for you. People downloaded that "virus" on demand. What I wanna say is "a virus is not always evil" is upto the developer to make it "evil" or "saint"..

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