Sunday, May 10, 2009

Orkut Special Community Google Internet Bus Community

Have You Seen Google Internet Bus Community on Orkut. It's a Special Community Created by Google. (Yes, Google, you can see this on community owner field).
Well My point here is to stress the point why it is called as Special Orkut Community.
Before I explain the what Special you can see in this community, it is good for you to know about normal community on orkut.

What is Normal Orkut Community?
Orkut's community is very popular in India. Though I personally don't like the community page. I can reason this. Why I dont like orkut community? There are few reasons.
  • Cannot Upload Photos
  • Cannot Uplaod Videos
  • Poor Design of Forums[I don't like navigation in orkut pressing next> and
  • Easy Spamming[ whenever You visit a community, first thing you will notice is messages like "earn money online" "click here" etc.. isn't this hectic?]
  • Community Description is limited to only 1024 characters. You Can do nothing much in this
  • And The List Goes on there are several reasons why hate orkut communities (i should write a seperate blog on this)
What is Special Orkut Community?
You can see the special orkut community here:

Special Orkut Community "Voice of Youth Polls" 

Special Community for Google Internet Bus is Here:

If You Have Properly Observed the community Description You can see Videos Photos in the description part of the community! This Is Why I said it's called "Special" Orkut Community.

Things Which I observed in this Special  orkut community are :
  • Youtube Videos
  • Picasa Slideshow
  • Different Fonts Used with different colors(which is not possible in ordinary community)
  • Community Created not by orkut user(Google'S link is external(check the field of owner))
Imagine If We Had This type of rights as given for Special Community. It would have been easy for the owner, moderator and most importantly the community members who wishes to see videos, photos related to community topic.
Hope the Special Community will replace all ordinary Normal Community soon!
All The Best Orkut!

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