Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bing: The World Needs "Decision Engine"

The World Doesn't Need Another Search Engine.
The World Needs "Decision Engine"
A Better Way To Search from Microsoft

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MICROSOFT/BING READ THIS! Why Bing won't ever beat Google? Stop and think for a second, everytime you type "" how easy is it? Yes Bing is 4 letters... Forget all of the Web 2.0 stuff and think for a second, both Bing and Google have a lot to offer, but the average daily net user wants is for things to be easy! And you won't believe this, but the fact that the letters G-O-O-G-L-E are spread out evenly, make "" very easy and fast to type.. Whereas, "B-I-N-G" is pretty much all on the right side of the keyboard... People want results! And FAST! Typing Google is much easier. You may think "Bing" is better and easier to type, but you're being biased! Try to see this from mine and everyone else's point-of-view.
I think will become a secondary search, if people can't find what they want on Google. You may think I'm talking crap, think about it.

 Live Search is so good, I'd use it even if I were skewered over a volcano and my life depended on the query. And the new name is great! Love "the sound of found."

cannot wait to try out!

Watch The Bing Decision Engine Video:

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