Sunday, May 10, 2009

Facebook's New Tool To Grab Orkutters

Which of your Orkut friends are already on Facebook?
You Must Have seen the above message on your facebook page(in india)
Yeah! Facebook has gone one step ahead to Get all your Friends who are in orkut to facebook. You must be thinking what's special in this. And We all Know when we Join any social networking sites they ask you to invite friends(Gmail, Yahoo, Msn etc).
its equally true that we have pressed the button "skip this step"!

Intelligent Facebook is more intelligent than you. Now They are flashing a message on your homepage.
It Just Looks like this:

Certainly It helps you in getting all your orkut users in facebook.
If You are on orkut page and when u click on the bookmark button "Find Facebook Friends" the page is redirected to mobile orkut site that is

Once the page is redirected it again asks you to click on the bookmarklet. Now in just a few seconds you can discover all your orkut friends who are already on facebook along with their profile Photo in facebook.
If The Person is not there in facebook, You Still have a option to invite them(hope You will not skip this step as i said before)

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