Sunday, May 31, 2009

Muslim couple solemnised mariage acc Hindu Ritual

Gorakhpur. No horse, no elephant, not the band - and Brati organ. Dowry was just a different environment and non-sacred - and a separate pavilion decorated gift pool. Every groom in the pavilion - the bride and their families seated. Grand stage in front of Vedic chants of nectar stream flows. In the eternal tradition of this sacred atmosphere Sattais between the joints was a Muslim couple.

Boston area in the wilderness of Kaudia collective wedding ceremony held at Moe's Mohammdpur. Yasin Ali Akbar's son and daughter of Mjbullah Kleelabad of Nisha Trabun the Hindu custom - the custom of marriage to live with the birth of seven Rchakr resolved. The rarest of the wedding the families of both sides about the religion of humanity that is a big thing, all of Allah is the same.Share of the work he has done, we humans.

He said that when we came to know that people here no tam - Jam and marriages without dowry, we people are going to come here of their children decided to marry.


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