Friday, May 8, 2009

Zardari recieves 2 Billion $ Aid

Funds for ISI(Taliban)! .. n he expects support frm India! 

Bhikari No. 1

bheekh mil gaye


zardari : mission(bheek) accomplished

time to get new weapons for taliban....

India had Nuclear deal with US and US is funding enemies of India.

But pak is f8ing against talibanis..

World most Dreaded Bhikari has accomplished his target, all the tuff words in pakistan and all fake action against taliban have convinced stupid americans in lending more

world most dreaded bhikari is also very intelligent, somehow always manages to fool americans

pakistan ney Sudan,Somalia,Congo sarey bhikari desho ko apni bheek manganey ki no.1 strategy sey hara diya

almost every week pakistan is managing to get billions of dollars from USA

i hope USA gets bankrupt

and then Pakistan will die of hunger

Mr Zardari ka naam Red Corner Notice mey dal dena chaiye, ek security risk key liye

kuekey woh jahan bhi jayega kuch na kuch leke ayega 

Super Bhikari hai, kiss na kissi tarah bheek manganey mey sucessful ho hi jayega

jiss desh mey bhi jayega wahan sey paisey lekar ayega

so every country should be aware of this Deadly Dreaded Bhikari -------> Mr. Zardari

pakistan ka koi bharosa nahee
kya pata kal sudan ,kenya,zimbabwe se bhee bheekh mangne lage

Pak army is fighting war against Taliban now. 

I think dis money wud b for dt purpose only.

Pakistan kab sey bheek mang raha hai, sala unka pet bharta hi nahi, kitney sarey dollars bhik mey ley chuka hai

Uk sey 350 million pounds or something which is huge

phir japan sey 2 billions
and at eu some 2-3 billions

and it has taken more than 15 billions from American since obama came to power,

now zardari finally has something to show on his resume other than 

husband of benezir bhutto

but pakistan is doing a fake fight with taliban and somehow always manages to get money from USA and other western countries

Obama has proved he is Monkey and has intelligence of a monkey

george bush gave pakistan $10 billion in 10 years, he has given over $15 billion in less than 120 days

so who is the bigger monkey?

-----------> Obama

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