Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why all planets are revolving round the sun?

can any body tell me y all panets r revolving round the sun??

coz ders sum sort of attraction which helps in dat n if dey dont d planet will vanish of...........coz atleast a bit of sun energy is essential 4 it 2 survive.

as sun is big enogh from other planets its gravitational force is greater hence all planets r attracted towards the sun & they revolve round it. Its same fr y the sattelites revolve round the planets

what u r saying is correct bt den there shd be some influence of other planets on suns motion, it has to wobble, but this is nt observed.... y?

As the sun is huge , when compard to other objects in the solar system...and has a very big gravitational field around the planets revolve around it. There is a gravity bn all the planets which is also considered but that dosnt make any diff. though it has a slight effect...u can also find that our planets have an attraction to other stars...

all the planets came into existence probably 460 years ago
u all know how planets r formed ??????
at the suns atmosphere there were some substances which were constant 
they all came ahead at there different places and this is how panets were formed
no bady knows that how moon came into existance but scientists say that they all may be came frm the particles of earth as the planets came 

Dude 460 yrs......have u gone nuts........Then if 9 planets have been discovered 460 yrs ago doesnt mean that all of them came into existence only then.... they might have been in existence way back from million yrs....n still we dont know how many planets r there in our solar system....................
Neways back to the ques.......According to theories they r revolving due to the suns gravitational pull even though the planets n other bodies affect the sun its negligible because of the size of the sun n also considering the distance of the planets from the sun...................

It's just because of Gravity... Actually when there are two badies anywhere in the space, there is a force of attraction between them which we call the forrce of gravity. 
There are different situations. For example when both the bodies are stationary, then due to this force of gravity, they remain there forever(assuming the absence of any other material force) But if the bodies are not stationary, then the force of gravity causes them to rotate around the centre of rotation(because rotation around a point through the circumference of a circle is a natural movement). They rotate in such a way that the center of rotation is positioned according to the masses of the objects in a defined ratio. 
So if you consider the Sun as one body and all the planets together as another body, then they rotate around the common centre of rotation. However since 99% of the mass in the Solar System is there in the Sun, the centre of rotation nearly coincides with the centre of the Sun itself. Thus we feel that planets revolve around the Sun and the sun is stationary. Actually the sun also rotates but in a very less amount.

The major phenomenon for space objects is that the state in which they r left in the space the continue to be in the same state.
so,when the solar system formed(big bang theory) the planets tend to move around the sun due to immence gravitational force of sun 
thus all the plantes continue to revove around the sun

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