Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vodafone Call Divert advertisement featured by zoozoo,. call divert ad.

I was the first one to upload this advertisement Vodafone Call Divert video of vodafone to youtube
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Description of the advertisement "Vodafone Call Divert ad by zoozoos"
A studious zoozoo will be sitting on a chair holding a green book in hand.
zoozoo will be busy reading the book. a annoying zoozoo now comes in picture!
as i mentioned this annoying zoozoo is really annoying it makes a pecuiler sound(sound sounds very different) .. i guess this annoying zoozoo is blind.. it just starts shouting and shouting at the studious zoozoo. studious zoozoo gets irritated and holds the annoying zoozoo and diredts it to another way(since annoying zoozoo is blind). This annoying  zoozoo innocently now moves away from the studious zoozoo and manages to search a tree! here we go!, zoozoo starts shouting and shouting making different sounds. shouts to tree! and the ad ends with flashing avoid unwanted calls, divert your calls... vodafone make the most out of now! Hope You Liked this ad description!
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Here is the zoozoo video "Vodafone Call Divert" Divert Your calls avoid unwanted calls

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