Friday, May 29, 2009


yeah i've heard that the LHC has the capability of creating a black hole at the atomic level. It was feared that the black hole might enlarge and yes, kill us all, but i think scientists have proven that to be wrong. so there is no possible threat to earth from the LHC. i'm not sure myself if it has been proven wrong, google it perhaps ?

the experiment wont be risky!! there will be black holes produced during the LHC experiment but they will be of the size of subatomic particles..
now the ques. comes that whether the black hole will expand & be a threat to earth??
now we all know that a blackhole can pull and eat up a large amount of matter due to its gravity.. but a black hole also radiates and its rate of radiation is proportional to its size(the smaller it is the faster it radiates). so a blackhole of such a small size will radiate what all it has in an instant and die immediately (i.e as soon as it is formed..)

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