Sunday, May 3, 2009

end of physics.

Q:- The creation of black hole by human will be the end of physics. Do u agree or not? comment about ur ideas.

I don't see how such a thing will be the "end of physics". It might be the "end of physicists" 


the black holes created will exist for a very very few sec...

and anyway such black holes are created everyday in the atmosphere due to cosmic rays...

physics is can it end?

if you look through the past
discoveries lead to more questions and in turn more discoveries

it will infact open up new dimensions in physics.. that will be even more amazing provided man survives..

Ya the more exact question is.. what do you mean by "end of physics"

Did you mean, End of Mankind?

Did u Mean Doomsday, End Of Creation Which Is Made By God?

Physics is a never ending subject.......even after the theory of everything

Black holes isn't end of physcs or its laws. Universe is made of dark matter and that constitutes more than 90% of total universe. Though physics today fails to reach in that world however it has nt given up. that is left for we all to exlpore...

There's no end for a never ending subject.

anymore answers??????/

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