Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally, Archie Andrews to marry Veronica... not B

The age-old love triangle of Archie comics has finally been broken, after Riverdale's ultimate Playboy Archie Andrews picked the vixen Veronica over girl-next-door Betty to be his wife.

Archie Comic Publications announced on May 27 that the flighty redhead from Riverdale picked Veronica over Betty Cooper.

What happens to Jug Head? 
He marries Betty.

btw how did her dad let this happn... ... 

I don't think it is finalized yet...
her daddy is from Telangana, he is going to come with his gang in 20 White Tata Sumos and attack Archie... There will lot of action and blood-shed.

In the meantime, Betty tries to commit suicide by jumping from the Top of Riverdale High Library Building! I'll save Betty by catching her in my arms before she hits the ground and we will right away go out of country location for a duet, may be from Riverdale to Nandi Hills 

that Veronica is not his daughter but Betty (told to him by the gasping nurse breathing her last at his doorstep who after 25 years remembers that she goofed up by swapping the two baby girls in their cribs). Veronica's dad couldn't bear it and he hires those 20 white Tata sumos again and sets out after Sarkar.

Sarkar somehow gets to know his devious plans and starts a thread on the Bengalooru community asking for help. "Clock" does his bit by composing a tear jerking background music for the scene where Sarkar is typing a message asking for help on the commn. The mods try and help Sarkar but Veronica's father pays them a lot of money and they become his goons instead. All this injustice was unbearable to Mr "S", so he writes Veronica's father a super duper insulting letter which after reading it he suffers a stroke. This gives Sarkar and Betty some time to settle down in peace. Subahu very kindly designs them a very nice house, I (ವಿಜಯ l Vijai) gift them an awesome wifi system, chiski gifts them her bestselling, pulitzer winning book "don't whine, drink wine" and Zen teaches them how to practice zen in their lives.

However, their happiness is short lived because Veronica's father recovers from the stroke...........(Clock's musical composition in the background)...

Archie and Veronica get married, though Archie and Betty earlier were singing duets in Swiss Alps, Amsterdam, US, London, Australia, New Zealand. 

But then Veronica had the money, Betty did not, so out went all the promises of "Pyaar, Mohabbat".

Betty meanwhile married Reggie.

Now both Archie-Veronica, Betty-Reggie settled in New York.

Archie met Betty, and then were as a "La, La, La, La " kinda song in background, with Betty walking down Central Avenue in a Yash raj kinda white dress.

Archie sees Bettty and says "Pyaar jitna bhi daakhal kiye jaaye, woh dil ke kone se ubar letha hai". Archie has been watching too many SRK movies, thats why those kinda dialogues.

Now Archie and Betty again go on a love trip, singing "Pyaar pyaar hota hai". But now since they have run out of trees to run around, they run around the blocks in Ground Zero.

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