Friday, May 8, 2009

Why are Indian public places so polluted & dirty?

I don't know why Indian public places are so filthy,unhygienic,dirty & polluted....People throw litters & rubbish everywhere & anywhere at any time.....Plastic bags are seen to be piled up & dumped,often half-burned along the road sides,all along!!!.....I don't think even the most under-developed African countries cud be this dirty.....

What is the reason for this?????Isn't the "educated Indian" to blame?what are the solutions for this????

I think Indians have personal hygiene....but Indians don't have any clue of what community & social hygiene is all about....!!!!

India won't be developed until Indians change their attitude.....I don't why,however rich or however educated,Indians have this savage mind-set when it comes to social cleanliness.....they throw all the junk they possess alongside the roads & on footpaths....such disgusting character!!!!

I don't say that we shud be like Japanese people who clean the stadiums when they leave after seeing sports......atleast can't we not throw those garbage in public places?!!!

I bet that it will only be in Indian metropolitan cities,among all the hi-fi cities in the world,that u wil see such stinking garbage profusely & such lack of cleanliness.......Indian metros are so pathetic.....I don't how they can be called the "Pride of India"......Instead,u can call the cities like Mumbai as the "Shit of India" coz they excrete in open place along side roads & railway tracks.....

Politicians don't give a damn abt cleanlines......neither does the hi-fi no blame game is possible here......It's the collective responsibility of all Indians.......

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