Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vodafone Zoozoo Advertises for Facebook Poke Your Friends Advertisement..

This advertisement is real fun to watch!
A group of zoozoos poking each other.
zoozoo touches the stomach and laughs at the other. every zoozoo starts poking the other one. A Brilliant Zoozoo Now Pokes The eye of Other Zoozoo.
Everyone laughs and laughs and laugh.

I think this advertisement is specially made to advertise facebook.
Vodafone's one of the Fan Page has become Huge Hit in Facebook with over 1,50,000 members. In Order to Grab More and More Zoozoo Fans Vodafone has put up this concept "poke friends". Vodafone's Strategy Has to Be Appreciated here.

Since Facebook is advertised on TV commercial by vodafone, Facebook surely partners vodafone in getting new new fans for zoozoo fan page.

Facebook And Zoozoos And Vodafone are poking Each Other! Real Fun To Watch!

Watch The Video " Vodafone Poke Your Friends Advertisement featured by zoozoo"
"Vodafone Facebook on Vodafone Live" commercial:

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