Saturday, May 30, 2009

BBBMP guys are back with chopping trees once again: Bangalore

Something should be done on this. Seriously.
What is prof Rajeev Gowda from IIM upto these days?
Even Ramesh Ramanathan?

The undersigned filed a statement of objection to this plan (copy enclosed) on the following grounds:
The said advertisement is issued in several prominent newspapers incurring massive public expenditure, but there is no mention whatsoever on the basis of which statute such public expenditure was incurred. This would have to be clarified first and foremost.
The Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka in its interim direction on 16 March 2009 in WP No. 7107/2008 (PIL filed by Environment Support Group and ors. vs. State of Karnataka and ors.), to which BBMP is a respondent, has categorically stated that all Respondents must “strictly follow” the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act when implementing urban infrastructure projects. Specific reference is made to BBMP to ensure such compliance when undertaking road related works.
Nothing in the advertisement clarifies whether such compliance has preceded the proposal as mentioned in the advertisement above. Further, BBMP has not demonstrated the need for road widening being in the wider public interest as per the provisions of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act and Chapter V of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act. Further, no explicit case has been made to demonstrate the need for removal of the said trees as per Section 8 of the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act.
It is implicit therefore for the Tree Officer, per his/her mandate under the Karnataka Forest Act and the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, and also in compliance with the aforementioned direction of the High Court, to not allow for felling of trees till such time there is strict compliance with the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act.
Any action in contravention of the directions of the aforementioned decision of the Hon'ble High Court would amount to contempt of court, and appropriate action in this regard would be initiated by the aforementioned Petitioners.”
This is by ESG.

120 trees have been earmarked at IISC -CNR rao circle.

Blatant violation of High court judgment norms.


Go BBMP go!
I can't spend hours breathing poisonous fumes while my vehicle idles in traffic jams.

BBMP guys are back with their chop tree program
120 trees have been earmarked at IISC -CNR rao circle.
Blatant violation of High court judgment norms.
contempt of court has to be initiated against them...

Transparency International has rated BBMP to be the 9th most corrupt agency in India.
Some people laud useless schemes of BBMP.
We need a SMK kind of leader to clean up the mess in Blore.
Someone who asserts himself and is strong enough to make these agencies work.

Every car pollutes.
Blore's problem is not buses and trucks but the parevenus who refuse to car pool or use public transport adding to the congestion on the roads and increasing pollution.
I am sure a lot of these noveaux rcihes will continue to continue to clog the roads with their cars even after Metro comes up.
False sense of prestige. Lowers their dignity if they use public transport.

That is if by public transport you mean Pallavan Transportation buses, BMTC red board buses and the Mumbai metro. The Delhi metro is well accepted by one and all there. Make public transport better, and the people will accept it. Why should I slum it out with a hobo smelling like piss sitting next to me or standing on top of my feet when I can reach client meetings unruffled, with a coat on, when I can travel by an AC car? Why should I give up convenience to sit next to some poverty stricken **** who has taken four baths in the thirty years he's been a burden on earth for?

Please read surveys by Mid day conducted last year where people said they would prefer their own cars even if Metro was fully functional. Most of the people surveyed were youngsters and educated people.
The mindset of people has to change , no where in the world you would find people who are so impatient that they start riding two wheelers on foothpaths. I have even been shouted at for walkin on the foothpath. Just try walking on the foothpath Kalidasa road on a weekday afternoon. You will realize the perils.
Roads are meant for pedestrians and cyclists and not just folks who revel in driving huge cars and bitching about government. That is why the idea of road widening is so flawed as vehicle is growing at an alarming pace . You will find road space inadequate at current growth rate of vehicles in another five years.
The solution is impose huge congestion taxes at least where Metro runs and to integrate Volvos with Metro.
And you are misinformed about BMTC which is doing a pretty decent job with its Volvos and other innovative stuff like Big 10 which is first of its kind in India.
Till its introduction we just had destination based services in India. Give them the credit where its due. I do know that BMTC drivers go on mowing down people. The solution for that is to hire better drivers at a higher pay.
I use Volvos on a daily basis and they are far more convenient than driving through the strain of horrredous Bangalore traffic .
P.S- Yeddy has definitely ensured that BMTC services have improved to a large extent. I find buses running at five in the morning which was rarity five years back. I may not approve of his schemes like road widening or his communal agenda but ABIDE is a good initiative.

use of public transport as suggested here is an excellent idea. I use the company transport to go to and fro from office which is also another good thing many of the IT companies have. but nothing beats public transport as a proper way to tackling traffic issues, since I have seen no matter how wide the roads are they get clogged simply because of the way people drive, a free left turn is never available as all vehicles clog that space resulting in traffic jams.

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