Sunday, May 17, 2009

cancelling numerator and denominator!!!

When calculating 1/3, we get .33333333333..... likewise, when we calculate 3/1, we get 3. but wat is 1/3*3/1?? usually we cancel the 3s in the numerator and denominator and the answer is one. but actual calculation gives 1/3*3/1=.3333333.....*3=.99999999.. so how far r we accurate in findin this?? is cancellation of common numerator and denominator accurate??

cancellation of common numerator n denominator is applicable for any non-zero number and this will always give the exact solution.

0.333333.... and 0.999999...
both are infinite GP series .... take the limit of sum and you shall get the same values ..namely ..... 1/3 and 1

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