Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poem Time: Beyond the Wall

Poems are real fun to read.
I was happened to see This sweet poem written by shigufta uzman! just have a look at this poem!

Stonewalls from birth to death
Dared not to dream...
To take a step outside.
Introduced to the colour black
Blank without vision
Without education...
Sometimes with bleak wisdom.
To aspire beyond these walls
But stones remain unturned
These walls are huge barrier
To their belief.
They cannot rise beyond...
Busy in household chores
From birth to death
Their life revolves, entrapped.
They are culprit of their fate
Handicapped by fear...
Discriminated because of illiteracy
Deprecating the unread pages.
The sullen look on their face
Reluctance to overcome...
The obstacles that life bestows
They blame their destiny.
Choked their dreams...
Removed from reality
Suffocated in taboos
Rituals disable them forever.
They are not doctors or nurses
Nor teachers...
Subservient to other belonging
And they remain widowed.
Mothers, sisters and daughters
Forgo for generations
What could be their
But they could never have known.
The difference between...
Right and wrong
The scripts remain unread
Who can be pardoned?
For their undignified life
Or death...
In the shackles of norms
Who shall be blamed?

Also Read This Poem "Less Miserable":

1. Their life rotten in name of their race
The caste and creed…
The colour of their face
Or the faith they adhere to
I see them cursed.
2. They had to be punished
For the sins…
Deeds of their previous birth
For the deed of their parents
For something not committed by them.
3. They were born unfortunate
So this was their karma…
Their birth in homes
Torn in the war zones
It was their belief.
4. The naked blood trickles
In the sand of dry skeletons
The children cry…
With the bombs exploding in the air
Like the fire works in the Diwali nights.
5. They know how to handle guns
Their empty stomach yearning…
The legend of their innocence
The rubbles of their school
And the graves dug in their play ground.
6. The teenagers conquered decaying love
Became soldiers of their soil
The coffin of their friends were aspiration
To die…
Without knowing how to dream.
7. For generations…
They had witnessed genocide
The politicians played new the war games
To keep the fire burning…
They murdered every son of soil.
8. Religion never had boundaries…
They let people exploit their faith
The miserable pair of hands and feet
Flame up in pyre…
And a mother’s empty cradle.
9. The wound dried…
But not the scars of memories
The child palpitates for life
His weak shoulders can not bear
The burden of losing his home.
10. For the less miserable…
Does dusk bring dawn
Does disillusion bring hope
Does war bring peace
So they could smile in their sleep.

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