Saturday, May 30, 2009

Has India Forgotten???????

Have Indians forgotten that the 27% OBC quota was introduced by the UPA Govt.

This leaves a meagre 50% seat for merit. The Govt has forgotten merit and is giving away seats to the poor (as they say). Don't they know those SC/ST/OBC candidates who opt for higher education have good family backgrounds.

I'm very much against this quota system that was introduced by B.R. Ambedkar for 10 yrs and has been extended till now, because I lost an MBBS seat due to quota system. My friend who is an SC got an MBBS seat but I am doing a silly B.Tech.

How come the Indian youth voted in favour of the UPA govt.. Are they forgetting ke woh apne per pe khud kulhadi maar rahe hain(kharab hindi ke liye maaf karna bhai log).

Can I know the reasons for selecting this UPA govt. once again????????

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