Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vodafone Exam Results Alerts Adevertisement Featured by Zoozoo

Vodafone Exam Results Advertisement was released in the ipl season 2009.
A group of zoozoos (student zoozoos) curiously waiting for exam results.. all student zoozoos will be looking at the notice board eagerly to get their exam results. A zoozoo Gets the results.. the result didnot satisfy this zoozoo, i guesss this zoozoo got failed in exam.. so it cries and cries walking out of the site. now another zoozoo looks at its result and happily happily laughing laughing goes out of the sight!.. thats all, all other zoozoos continues to see their results! very funny ad! specially for students who are waiting for exam results.

Here is the Video for "Vodafone Exam Results Zoozoo ad" "Vodafone Exam Results alerts  zoozoo ad"

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