Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why shouldn't US answer for its war crimes?

India Talks:
If the entire world wants developing world and its factions like Sri lanka and ltte both to answer for its war crimes,
how can we forget what US did to Iraq?

If US can 'justify' its position in Iraq and get away cheekily...

why should other countries/factions get away with their sh*t.

(the topic is not about the morality of ltte or Sri lankan forces, who were both told to answer for war crimes. Here the topic is aimed at why US should get away with anything and everything?)

actually the US has become much weaker and is less able to get away with stuff.

the days of US supremacy are over

yes, but they are making mockery of the UNO.

they just weasel their way and arm-twist UNO.

Though US is reeling under recession but still their power cannot be undermined. At present no country can question US on any issue.

Why shouldn't US answer for its war crimes?

Answer: Four reasons

The Unites States Air Force

The United States Navy

The United States Army

The United States Marine Corps.

Pretty convincing reasons, if you ask me...

What is your Response???

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