Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is campus life on to its last lap?

Some of the best universities in the world, such as MIT have placed complete course materials, including video podcasts of lectures, online. In the recent years, free educational content resources are fast growing in the web space, and educational webinars have become a commonplace. 

Besides, they offer certified online courses which are good enough to earn a job. Labs are in the pipeline that could be hired or rented on hourly basis. 

How do you see these new developments in the educational realm are going to impact the future of campus life?

Though it is a good development especially for the under-privileged, and as such a learning system would democratize education, some generation on is gonna miss college life. We must admit that we were just lucky to savor the joys of campus life, simply because we were born before that happened.

We know, it is not our wish to do away with campus life, yet most of us (who really desire to come up in life) don’t want to miss possible lectures by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Narayan Murthy, Bill Gates, Gerald Celente and the likes at our academic interests. 

Besides, webinars give immense possibilities of viewing a point with multitude of heads than a head count of a class room. In a webinar scenario one gets the best in the ‘world’ as one’s lecturers than from a limited faculty of one’s college. Let’s not forget, the best lecturers and professors are opting for better paying jobs in the corporate world in the recent times. 

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