Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oort Cloud

Hi all, good morning!

I was thinking about the Oort Cloud for past months, and I had know that on last Science issue, a boy asked when the Oort Cloud will be detected, and the answer by Mike Brown, is that that region is an hipotetical region that lies far away around the Solar System and the comets came from there. This way, I have a question: if all the astronomy states this cloud as the comets origin, and this region is hipothetical, so where the comets came from??

My point of view on this theory, is that the comets are hipothetical as well, but they turns real when approaching our Solar System. Of course this is not possible, but if is this cloud undetectable and unprovable anyway, so why to keep studing the comets as they came from there? Isn't time to start for something new? Don't forget that, if any object would be detectable in so far region, the most you would prove is that there are an object out there, not the cloud itself, because all the objects that could exists there are so far distant each other then the distance from one extreme point to another in our Solar System, if you know what I mean.

After all, on same response, Mike stated that there are comets on that region that can be so large as Earth. In another words, planetary size comets. But, according to common science, should not comets be small? This position from science looks far more Velikovski then something I would expect from official science.

Could somebody help me on understand this cloud??


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