Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Right V/S Wrong

How do u define right ?? and how do you define wrong??
whts right for you may not necessary be right for the other person
so how do you classify things as right and wrong
also do you justify
Doing wrong things for right reasons???

P.S. : inspiration for this topic is the book Shantaram

upon the circumstances....
life keeps changing... the world around us keeps changing and wat might be right for you today might become wrong later....
so... dat is when u contradict urself.... and its pretty natural....
so... there isn't any definition for right n wrong n therfore.... there is nothing like doing wrong things for right reason....

wat is right and wat is wrong is quite debatable.... these terms r relative.... wat is right for u, may not be right for me and vice versa.... but v must not use this as a cover-up for all the bad things that v intend to do.... the basic things of not hurting anyone intentionally, not being very vengeful, manipulative, conniving, etc r to be kept in mind....for example, u cant go around killing people in the name of religion just bcoz u think that's the right thing to do... that isnt right, that's being a fanatic....
anything that makes u happy but doesn't hurt sumone else is right for me....
i dont care if people agree with me or not, whether they believe in my dreams and principles or not... but if something makes me happy, ill do it....

One man’s meat is other man’s poison………or……….One man’s freedom fighter is other man’s terrorist………………………….

Right v/s Wrong is quite a subjective thing and it totally depends on the circumstances in which one is.

What is right for you may not be right for the other person, or for that matter what was right for you today may not be right for you tomorrow coz of the circumstances.

Its not the action, person or circumstances that are right or wrong..
When right or wrong is to be analysed its always the perception that is right or wrong. Something that is right for me may be wrong for the next person and vice versa. Something that your heart does not agree to is always wrong despite the fact that it might be right as per the circumstances..

Always listen to the first call by your heart.. its never wrong and always right

its strange........and funny at the same time........all of us seem to have a more or less same perception of right and wrong.........but i wonder where that perception gets lost when the time comes to put thoughts into action........i wonder how we lose sight of whats wrong and right when it actually comes to translating ideas into reality.........and i wonder is just words that we we even mean them most of the times???
and hey i'm not being judgemental.......i'm including myself do we just put that down to human nature or what???

there is very beautiful explanation abt this right and wrong things in the book SHANTARAM....

life originated on earth billions of years ago....1st living organisms were microorganisms like amoeba....after tht the evolution process is going on...and that process is still on....we are continuously making progress towards the better world.....

now wrong is tht act of us tht will refrain universe from making that progress....and right is tht act of us tht will help universe to make tht progress....for example....killing....if all the people in this world start killing each other then there will be chaos...and tht will lead to extinction of our race....another example is hating....if all the ppl in this world start hating eachother thn there will be fights,roits which ll again turn into a state which ll go against the evolution.....

and example of right is love....if every one in this world start loving each other thn it will be a beautiful world...happy world which ll help the process of evolution

now doing wrong things for right reasons....a character in the book(miafia don) does wrong things for right reasons
eg of this is ..... killing....taking a human or anybodies life is always a wrong thing to do....but when cops kill terrorists their intension is always right....
similarly hurting your friend is wrong thind to do....but if you are hurting him/her for his/her own good...for eg if you are hurting your drug addict friend to get out of his habit by scolding him/her or by being harsh on him/her.... you should go ahead even if it costs you your friendship...and because your intension is right

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