Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why Congress will suffer it's 'worst ever' defeat!??

5 years of misrule by Manmohan Singh dubbed as the "Weakest" PM ever is playing heavily on the minds of Indian Voters. This general elections will see Congress suffer it's worst ever defeat, perhaps will get reduced to two digits.

The major issues which will defeat Congress:

1) No Military action against Pak after 26/11.
2) Minority Appeasement when Serial blasts became a daily routine.
3) Quota in prestigious institutes like IITs and IIMs.
4) Inefficient Ministers like Shivraj Patil, Ambumani Ramdoss and Arjun Singh.
5) Anti-Hindu stance like probing Malegaon blast but doing nothing to probe serial blasts in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad.


Vinod Says:
Congress has always opposed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya even knowing how significant it is for Hindus.

Ram temple is to us what Mecca and Madina is to Muslims.

I won't be surprised if one day they construct that illegal Babri Masjid again 

Akash Says:

Sadhvi Prgaya Singh, purohit, afzal guru, kasab are all one and the same.. they have all been held as suspected terrorists.. so tht shouldn't be a bid deciding matter..

and for the babri masjid thing, i doubt if bjp wil ever build a ram mandir ther.. dey just blabber for votes.. da place is sacred for hindus.. fine.. but building a mandir there.. wil just be end of india!! n congress building a masjid there.. lol.. 

personally i am for bjp n nda, but congress wil definitely give jp a run for its money.. congress with the quotas n all, would b da first choice for the lower class ppl.. arjun singh n all r like gods for non-open ppl now

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