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GATE 2009: Please Suggest me good college against my Percentile.

Ketan Patel Starts the discussion on GATE 2009(after getting GATE2009 result)

Hi Friend's below Are my GATE Score card.

Branch :- CS
GATE Score: 343
GATE Percentile Score: 85.97
All India Rank: 5864

Which colleges I Should Apply ? which one is Better For Placement.

How i can apply There ????

Vijay Bhaskar Replies to Ketan

hard luck but keep ur figure cross to got good college u may got some nit,jadav university,pac etc,Hyderabad university........

Nagarjun Queries

gate percentile is 92.16 and my AIR RANK IS 3265 is there any possiblity into any nit

Debargha Posts to Know which college he would be getting.

Do I have ne chance of getting into an IIT..??in ne course??.......if not then
what are the next best colleges where I can apply

Ravi Posts:

hey mine is 91%tile with 3470 rank..... whr can i get??

Yash Replies to deburga:

if u r belong frm
resrv kota thn 100%sure call frm iit
otherwise quite tuf

Mamz Says:
hi i got 95.14%
AIR 2008
score 473
i have reservation but in b.Tech i have 52.5%

which universities should i apply how what is the last date for applying pls help me

Ajay Says on Gate 2009:

hi i got 98.73%
AIR 522
score 615
i have reservation but in b.Tech i have 54.19%
Reservation: OBC
which universities should i apply........ plzzz help me...........

Deepti after results:

i hav secured 96.25%ile with gate score 502
and i belong to OBC
plz help me out where shd i apply

Dhairya Says:

My Score
GATE Score: 531
GATE Percentile Score: 97.1
All India Rank: 1210
Marks Obtained: 39.33 Out of 100
Which college should I apply...
RaviTeja Says:

hi im raviteja....
my rank is 3147 n 92.44 percentile n my score is 418.... n i belong to OBC.....
do i hav any chances of gettin in to NIT's??

Active Says:

Branch: CS
GATE Score: 502
GATE Percentile Score: 96.25
All India Rank: 1500+
Marks Obtained: 37 Out of 100

plzzz tell if u know anythin abt IIIT/NIT and which one should I go for........

JayKrishnan Says:

branch cs
air : 2160
94.79 percentile..
any chance ??

I have posted some of the FAQ's which may be helpful.

All The Best Guys.

Some other Mech info:


Mechanical Systems Design ME-572(Gate score)
Thermal Science and Engineering ME-538
Manufacturing Science and Engineering ME-503

IITB: Mechanical Systems Design ME-650
Thermal Science and Engineering ME-520
Manufacturing Science and Engineering ME-500

IITK: THROUGH WRITTEN TEST(2008-2009)"Good chance for low rank student"

Mechanical Systems Design ME -520 ( 46 seats)
Thermal Science and Engineering ME-490 (30 seats)
Manufacturing Science and Engineering ME -450 (8 seats)

well, you can get aero in B,K,KGP but M is a litle tough...

tough in the sense ... tough to get the seat or to study..?

i belongs to OBC Non creamy layer

i have passed out in 2008 , one of my class mate is in IITM thermal... 
he told to avoid aerospace in IITM bcoz , mech persons are to take up 8 paper instead of 6.... whatz your idea?/

b eithr 1st,
its tough to compare last years score with ths as the ranking with percentile varry too much...

i got 96.11 persentile get score 507 ... 41/100 ny suggesstion for me?? any iits? am intrsted for aerospace... 

i agree the comparisions will be tough... you wont get aerospace, thats for sure unless you have a quota.. you can still try the written test in B, but its very tough... you can still get into a good IIT, try

Applied mechanics in M
Machine Design in G
Machine Design in R
Machine Design in D

Good Luck

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