Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Vodafone ad (India) :Tell the whole world.. - College Result Day. Must Watch, Vodafone New College Ad

Well this commercial is one of the raising ads in recent times.
Vodafone is now offering calls @60 paise.
The Theme of ad is amazing.
A college going guy checking results
He Finds almost all his friends have failed in exam.
Suddenly, He sees his name in the list!!
lol lol lol!
He has passed..
look at his happiness!
god!!!!!!!!! he tells the world that he has passed... (@60p)
what an idea!
I just love this video..
I can't stop laughing!
Laugh n laugh n laugh...
Guys, Pls share this video!!!
Creativity of this Ad Composer is really Great!

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