Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hindus! Think Before You Vote..

If you vote for anti-Hindu, pseudo-secular parties, you can be assured that there will be no Hinduism left for the next election. Before you make a decision as to which party to vote for answer these questions:

Do you want to live always in fear of life and security?

Do you want that terrorists sentenced to death by the highest court of India not hanged just to appease the minorities?

Do you want terrorists to be released by the Government for electoral gains?

Do you want Hindu Swamijis, Sanyasins and other Holy Persons to be branded as Hindu Terrorists and subject to utmost cruelty and harassment, just for heinous political gains?

Do you want reservations in education and jobs for Muslims and Christians on the basis of religion?

Do you want Hindus to be totally marginalized in government posts? (In 2004 when the UPA govt. was formed the President, Prime Minister, UPA chairperson were non-Hindus. Pseudo-secularists and pseudo-intellectuals hailed it as a triumph of ‘Secularism”. But, it is an ultimate humiliation for Hindus. Can it happen in any Western democracy? Hindus have to ponder over it.)

Do you want Christian symbols to be printed on currency notes and coins?

Do your want Churches built in the Assembly premises of ‘Secular’ India?

Do you want quota for Muslims and Christians in Armed Forces and Police?

Do you approve special budgets and special funding for Muslims?

Do you agree with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that Muslims have a first stake in India’s assets?

Do you want to live like a Third-class citizen in ‘Secular India’?

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