Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do you think VTU has to scrap the Year Back (YB) concept?

Vasanth, Student of VTU starts the discussion posting
"vtu should scrap the year back concept"
Vasanth Says:

b'coz of year back many students life's spoiled........ and some attempt suicide......i believe no other universities has ths concept...... vtu should scrap ths concept...... wat do u think guyz.............

Sushruth supports the idea.
Sushruth Says:

s. . . need to be scrapped

Chethan Disagrees.
Chethan Says:

stupid idea

Vasanth Replies to Chethan's Post
Vasanth Says:

it is not a stupid idea........ if it happens to u will u b able to tolerate or cope up wit studies....... it might b possible for u........ but think about others........

Sushruth Supports Vasanth
Sushruth Says:

@Vasanth well said dude

Krish Joins The Discussion
Krish Says:

I think as in Autonomous Institutions VTU should also give make up exams for us after every odd sems and supplementary exams after every even sems. 
According to Autonomous institution rules, if one guy fails in 2 subjects in 1st sem and 2 more in 2 sem, He wil
l be having supplementary semester for those 4 subjects, everything will be there like classes, lab, internals etc etc. And then exam will conducted at the end of 2nd month where all other guys will be enjoying holidays (who have cleared everything).
if, even he/she couldn't clear those 4 subjects in supplementary sem, he will out of Engineering as I saw here in MCE.

Chethan Replies To Above People
Chethan Says:

There is absolutely no point in scrapping the Year Back Concept.
The Year Back Concept acts as a FILTER.
The University Is required to impose some rules. And they are doing.They are required to follow it strictly.
Filtering is absolutely essential.

Think of a stair case, if u hurt ur leg climbing the first step. u gonna stay in the same step for a while.....and then look for climbing the 2nd step...imagine if a person climbs all the 4 steps with a bad hurt leg... More probability that he falls from top, More Pain!

In short,University is looking for quality and not quantity!

Krish Says:

yeah VTU is producing quality among students

Rahul Joins The Discussion
Rahul Says:

@ cheTan
good point........the year back system imposes a certain degree of fear in students.....he will try hard to clear the backlogs........
but, what if the correction is bad and the student with a critical paper fails to clear it n loses the year???...i know a senior in my coll who got a year back becos of 1 subject with 33 marks!!....who is to blame??

Manoj Joseph Joins the discussion.
Joseph Says:

Engineering is not completed without BACKS.. but not YEAR BACKS..
YB is some curse put up on BE students,especially the criti subjects make
much more sick. The YB rule should be altered.. or Else be banned.
We know how we feel when we loose a year,nd when we loose r friends..

Relapsed Joins The Discussion
Relapsed Says:

point spoken by chetan!

Bhaskar Joins The Discussion.
Bhaskar Says:

year back is definitely not the solution to get quality students.. there r scenario's when a student falls sick or something, and somehow he can't clear..then? does he deserve a yearback?

We r in desperate need for a grading/percentile system.... percentile with reference to vtu topper in that particular subject/stream... By percentile system, u still have categories of students..but its not the same as failing 
a student right?

and im soo soo damn sure, VTU doesnt produce quality students..just becos a student cleared 4 years with 90% aggre doesnt mean he's the best one for the industry.. and as far as ive seen its most certainly not the case(99% of the cases) :)

Bhaskar Says:

and chetan i dont get ur concept of FILTERING...filtering of what? filtering of students who cant clear? wat do u get by doing that? u think companies donno how to filter? as i said before, almost all the times, the people with higher aggre's lose out somehow or the other.. lack of fundamental knowledge, communication skills... Ive personally seen that happening :)

ive happened to flunk once, somehow, but still im doing well in the corporate world..its not like people who clear 4 years with a vtu rank r "kings of the world"..and at this point of time, most of the people i know, people with much much higher aggre's than i have r sitting at home :)

Now Chethan is thinking what to reply.
Keep Reading My Blog To Know How would Chethan Respond.

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