Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mutalik to campaign for Varun..


Sri Rama Sene has decided to campaign for the controversial BJP
 candidate Varun Gandhi in Pilibhit in the Lok Sabha elections as his stance is in line with Sene on the Hindu cause....

Sene chief Pramod Muthalik told reporters that he found nothing wrong in Varun Gandhi’s outbursts against anti-Hindu forces which are actively working within India. “At last a real masculine person has born in the form of Varun in Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. He has not spoken against any religion or community but had spoken against the anti-Hindu forces. The Sene cadres will campaign for Varun’s electoral victory in Pilibhit,” he said.....

He said his organisation would take an active part in awakening the Hindu consciousness among voters but ruled out Sene entering electoral politics. “The people will be educated through the campaigns about the dangers that Hinduism and Hindus are facing in India,” he said. The Sene will also bring out a pamphlet containing 12 questions which it would urge the electorate to ask the contestants.....

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