Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are We Aliens???

I think we r the clones of the persons whom we called as the SUPREME POWER or GOD. As theY are having the highly advanced technology as they can travell with the speed which is much higher than the speed of light!!!!!
Also it is the fact tat the thing which travell with the speed of light is not the thing rather it is the energy so they no need to worry about time becoz if they havng this technology than time dosent affect ther age it is said in simple launguage as the pico form of the meter this is wat happend to them for millions of years.
Yet they have such technology tat they have complete knowlege of the time and space their medical science are far advance at tat time when they give thr clones to the earth, to make the complete chain they also constrcted the animals and all tat natural things which we see around us.
And according to me 90% they are similar as the man(homosapians) looks like!!!!

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