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Mixed Responses: S.M. Krishna to Contest from Bangalore South.

Mixed Responses:

I think its one more conspircay by COngress leaders.

People in Bangalore south look at national interest rather than local issues for General election (in 2004 7 out of 8 state aseembly went to cong due to SMK factor but BJP MP was elected for general elction by margin of more than one lakh). Now if SMK wins its good for congress,but its very tough to win ..

If he looses then he will be dfinitely sidelined by Party.So no harm for Other congress leaders...

can sm krishna beat 4-5 times MP ananth kumar?? sounds impossible!! 

I remember Anant Kumar's tenure as Aviation Minister was pretty mediocre.

Contrastingly SM's tenure as CM was pretty good.

SMK is really good administrator no doubt about that..

But AathKumar Enjoys support of Bangalore south people..In fact If you have a look at any of the govt school in Bangalore south they are getting mid day meals from Anath kumar's trust... And also his performnace as Minister might have been avergae butas MP he has done good things...

And moreover I dont think Its not only SMK Vs anath Kumar its also Manmohan SInghs UPA rule Vs Vajpayees NDA rule comparoson would be thre

and also oits MMS vs Advani 

I agree with u. SM Krishna is highly qualified politician.It would have been better for him to contest from Bangalore CENTRALiT SEEMS Like its tough to beat BJP in Bangalore North And Bangalore SOuth.Bnagalore central will have tough fight.Or he can fight form his home town of Mandya
SM Krishna will surely win from Bnagalore central If contested from there.As of now Bangalore centrla seems to be in 50-50 in favour of cong and BJP...
SMK contesting from Bangalore south can be compared to rAHUL gANDHI CONTESTING FROM Gandhi nagar...

Congress Final List

from Blore north - A Krishnappa
Blore Central - CM Ibrahim
Blore South - SM Krishna
Blore Rural - Tejaswini Gowda

Bjp Final List

from Blore north - ?
Blore Central - Justice Venkatachala
Blore South - Ananthkumar
Blore Rural - CP Yogeswar

Blore South has Following Assembly

Chickpet - BJP MLA
Basavanagudi - BJP MLA
Jayanagar - BJP MLA
Padmanabhanagar - BJP MLA
BTM Layout - Congress MLA
Bommannalli - BJP MLA
Govindarajnagar - Congress MLA
Vijaynagar - Congress MLA

So, Out of 8 Seats, BJP - 5 MLA and Congress - 3 MLA


SM Krishna is more popular when compared to Ananthkumar.

Caste-wise, there are more Gowda votes than Bramin Votes, so SMK Advantage
Urban-wise, more urban ppl prefer SMK than Ananth coz Blore Development
Ananth was central minister but contributed nothing to our city.
it was in Smk tenare, more projects were sanctioned to South Blore

MLA elections are very different from MP elections.

According to me, winning ppl are

Blore North - A Krishnappa
Blore Central - Zameer Ahmed
Blore South - SM Krishna
Blore Rural - Kumaraswamy.

Blore North - A Krishnappa ( Backward Caste, No Powerfull BJP candidate )
Blore Central - Zameer Ahmed ( there are 7.28 Lac Muslim Votes )
Blore South - SM Krishna ( More Popular and Development Side )
Blore Rural - Kumaraswamy ( More Popular, Pro-rural, NICe issue, Cong INfighting)

Wining candidates

Bangalore south: S.M.Krishna
Bangalore Central: Venkatachala
Bangalore North: not known
Bangalore Rural: H.D.Kumaraswamy 

Reply to the above Options :

How can the Worst CM of the State win an Lok sabha Election ?
and the other fact is JD(S) is also supporting Congress by contesting Anathamurthy a well known Writer...Pitty Ananthamurthy...Devegowda and family can go to any extent...thu..idu ondu family na...

Bangalore Rural : HD Kumaraswamy will not be contesting...
yak umashakar, Nikhil Gowda ne election nillasabhudittu allava...illa andre Radhika ne Contest madisabhoude allava...:)

Sm krishna is the candidate from south, its all rumors that e is not contesting.

and e will win from south, there r 13.4 lakh voters, in which 4.73lac voters are gowdas.

and ananth kumar is a bramin and also Ananthmurthy, there r only 2.71 lac bramin voters. so these both will divide among themselves.

and to my guess, mr BSY will not allow ananthkumar to win, coz e will b a trouble maker for his seat if e wins.

and also Mr Ashok also wud not allow ananthkumar to win coz ashoks future will b finished, and ashok is now BSY follower.

PPl r cursing BJP for Power cuts. already a year in power, they have not solved the problem?

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