Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Story of Eddie Waitkus, The Movie Natural, Aaron schock. Photo of Eddie Waitkus,ruth steinhagen!!

She had the damn coldest-looking face which i have  ever saw.

said by  Eddie Waitkus the  baseball player


Olde-Tyme baseball by Philip Francis on 15th of September 2005


     The movie "The Natural" which was made in the year 1984  with Mr.Robert Redford is 1 of the best base ball movies made.......

  It is based on Bernard Malamud’s novel of the same name when.

     Thirty Eight Year old Roy Hobbs breaks into baseball as a rookie with a passion, hits huge huge home runs,

& transforms a very last place team into a winner. 

 This story was inspirited by   the shooting of Eddie Waitkus, a 29 year old baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies, when a  woman invited him into her hotel room for the purpose of murder..........

 ruth steinhagen,

 rep. aaron schock,

the natural,, 

aaron shock, 

idina menzel pregnant 

     Eddie WaitKus, however, was the 2nd major league base ball player ever to be shot by

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other questions?

Who Is Eddie Waitkus??


How come  idina menzel in this picture??

Is Idina Menzel Pregnant??

where Can I get Answers for all these Questions..

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