Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Unforgiving Minute (A SOLDIER'S EDUCATION) is priced at 19.11$ By Amazon (BOOK)

Well, THE UNFORGIVING MINUTE is in the top list of Google Trends Today!
I Just thought of exploring what exactly is this "The Unforgiving Minute"??

i logged into a site called www.unforgiving
I found all nuts in that site! it was a stupid blog!

well, i didnn't give up...
still explored... Finally I came to know there is a book by name " THE UNFORGIVING MINUTE"
Below there was a caption "A Soldier's Education"...
it surprised me...
a book in the top list of G trends??

well i guess the author of this book is Craig m mullaney..
I don't know who he is..
But One Thing is sure, He must be a very great author...
Well The Book is priced at $19.11....
I don't have it Now...

So Once i take the Book. I will read it .. and Update My blog...
Thanks for reading My Blog!!!

U can Purchase This Book In Amazon Website... Just for Info Purpose only!!
I don't want to promote Mr AmaZon!! But i love the logo of AmaZon.. where a Arrow From "A" goes and Hits "Z"... which may be meant to say that it covers all products from A to Z..
Funny Is It Not??

Well Well Here Is The Link For u..
if u have 19.11$

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