Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is there anything outside universe?

Many houses are built outside our houses

Many colonies exist outside our colony

Many cities are settled outside our city

Many states are there except our state

Many countris flourish in this world

Many planets are there leaving the Earth

 Many Galaxies are packing the universe

But.......... are there more universes???????

that is one question that can never be answered

Ricardo Says:

I wouldn't say this is something we will never know. As you may well be aware, such questions have been being dealt with for some time already in the contexts of superstring theory and M-theory. I would recommend The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene as an introduction to the topic as well as Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku, which deals more especifically with your question.

Sidharth Says:

there's no 'outside'..that will be 'in' our universe too..!
One does wonder though that where is it that the universe is expanding..??!!

Topic Creator says:
i think that there millions of more universes with life existing in each one of them
even if a person tries to cross the boundries of solar system, it will take months.
light may take millions of years to reach the center of milky way
and, there is no one in this world who is immortal, so, no one can go outside the universe, or it will take so much time, that we can never dream of

Sergio Says:
YES. There is a whole SPIRITUAL WORLD out there. 
The BIBLE gives us a glimpse of how it is...

Vadhu Tells:
acoording to the bing bang theory... universe occupied a small volume...when big bang took place and the universe has been expanding from then onwards.... this implies that THERE IS SOMETHING beyond our universe which, trust me, HUMANS R NEVER GOING TO FIND OUT........!!!

Topic Creator Says:
How Is it?
if there is something outside universe, is it exactly like our universe or it is 'inverted'

Subodh Says:
Just found the topic interesting enough to reply. It has always been a mystry as what was there before the so called BIG BANG. It is a great dilemma to assume nothing before the big bang. How so much matter can be produced which caused big bang.
Latest theory says our universe is not one but only one out of many parallel ones. The big bang happened to create one more universe which we called ours. 
Universe are connected through the highways of tunnels called black holes or time tunnels,however, theory of these parallel universe is not fully understood yet and still remains as big mystery as before.

Vishaka Says:
we don't even know the boundary of our universe...there have been many shows on discovery and natgeo abt it...some say it's all plasma out there on the boundary....some said we r expanding for infinitesimaly long one cant say if there exists another universe until and unless we actually find how large is the universe we live in........

Topic Creator Says:
f there are more universes, when were they formed?
they were formed from a common big bang or each one of them has a different history

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