Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to pay tax online? How Much I need to Pay as Income tax in india.?

How To Pay Income Tax Online?

The Below Link answers all Your Questions Related To Income Tax Payments.

Some Of The Recently Asked Questions Are:

What do You mean by Epayment of taxes??
Net Banking Facility Used To Make Payments via Interne
t. Just A Click Away.

How do i pay income tax using this facility of Epayment??
U r eligible to use this facility if - 
1.U need to have a b
ank account with facility of net banking &2.Ur bank must be one of the banks that provide Epayment facilities.

Is it compulsory to pay the taxes online?
 wef 1-April-2008 It is mandatory for the these kinds
 of assesses to pay the taxes online
1.Every corporate assesses......
2.Every assesses to whom provisions of sec 44AB of
 Income Tax Act,1961 are compulsorly applicable.....

Is It Compulsory to make TDS / TCS Payment [Receipt No.281] online ?? Channal 281
Do my bank provide Epayment facility?
To check Whether Ur Bank Offers Epayment Click here

Will this system of Epayment of taxes via internet benefit me as a good  tax payer??
The Epayment system is very beneficial to U as U are not required to personally visit Ur
 bank to make all your payments standing in long

Is it  secure that the transmission of information to the website for Epayment??
Total Encryption is maintained. No need to worry.

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