Saturday, March 28, 2009

AnyThing Faster Than Speed Of Light???

3 Explanations for the above Question:


Muons absolutely do NOT exhibit any property of approaching the seed of light. In fact Muons are heavier than electrons and more unstable so they can never get as close to the speed of light as an electron can.
So far, the only phenomena which "seems" to be happening faster than the speed of light is the phenomenon of Quantum Teleportation. Quantum entanglement and Quantum coherence can explain some of the properties of this teleportation phenomena but there are some aspects which cannot be explained readily. The information transfer in such experiments seems to defy the speed of light and the only explanations we have so far are
1) Super luminal velocity
2) Retro -causality

Explanation 2:
Light comprises 7 different ray waves of different lengths and frequencies at different energy levels, moving in unison. The average speed of light (all the rays together ) is 300,000 km/s. It is obvious that some of the rays would have speed higher than 300,000 km/s and some less than it. Red is the colour of the ray which is one candidate to travel faster than light if it is isolated from the unison right from the source of emmision. Presently it appears to be beyond our capability.

We should put in efforts to think beyond the present perceptions not within those hypodthesis, then only we will be able to evolve something new.

Explanation 3:
according 2 relative mass equation...
M=mass of the body at velocity v
Mo=rest mass of body

and if the body moves with velocity more than he speed of light.....its mass bcomes imaginary...
therefore no body can travel more than the speed of light......

which of these Explanations is True!??

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