Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mutalik Says: Varun Did have the guts to speak the real truth.

A soft spoken Oxford
Educated poet whose career profile is impressive with schooling from prestigious Rishi Valley School in Andhra
 Pradesh ,law and economics at the London School of Economics, Masters from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, just using one communal speech in his constituency (Which I am sure he didn't meant what he said considering his clean image
in the past) made him the clown. And now the stupid illiterate man like Mutalik supporting him will further harm his already tainted reputation.

Vishal Reacts:

The problems for soft spoken Varun started when his mother's constituency Pilibhit (Menka Gandhi won it 5 times) constituency was changed and new 4 areas were added in it after delimitation exercise. Unfortunately for him those 4 areas were all 99% Muslim majority from adjoining Rampur district. 
Condition for Varun was like 'Kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka' where using 'Sadak Bijali pani'(Road electricity water) wouldn't have helped him because of now almost 40% Muslim population in the constituency , as not a single person of Muslim community as a strong SP vote bank from those ghettos would have voted for BJP even if Varun used secular issues like development.And using communal issues(Like he used)would definitely polarize already communally sensitive Pilibhit where Cow slaughter is definitely an issue but would make him villain with over enthusiastic and slightly biased media making it as a big issue because if Gandhi surname and the tag of 'communal BJP' with it.
So it was like dam if you do or be dammed if you don't and risk losing political career by losing once a safe seat of his mother. He chose the first option of trying to win a seat at the expense of his image in influential section of media because of Gandhi surname and of course all those intellectuals who only believe in what they hear from the media.

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