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Director of IIT Kharagpur quits after death of a student

Director Damodar Acharya Signed the Resignation Letter today after Massive student Protest.The entire IIT Converged to director's bungalow After the incident.The protest which was initially peaceful turned Violent after the cold response from Dr.Acharya.Students curbed the entrance of cops even.The protest which started around 2:00 pm today lasted till the director expressed his willingness to give the Resignation letter.An open house discussion is proposed in Netaji today.Will give the updates soon........

some angry responses:
Do Something that will yield result
While I appreciate the emotions and support candle light vigils to remember Rohit, there's a more sustained and aggressive approach needed from students. Think of it, one diro has resigned, but the next one too will do practically nothing! So folks in KGP need to think that what's the actual reason?

I've seen KGP administration very closely in my times (probably closer than anyone has/will ever see), and believe me its corruption! Every department is corrupt. It starts from HMC which used to hire contractors not based on their track record, but on how much is he willing to fill the pockets of officials (and it involved professors too). People like P. D. Srivastava went ahead and became HMC Chairman!!! He is one person in the world who has never thought of student's welfare in life. Appointments to key positions happen not on capability, but on how pyaara u r of the diro and how much chamcha-giri you do of the diro! The entire system from top-to-bottom is corrupt and all this has to be changed.

So, here's the proposal from my side:

1) Students should boycott all classes unless the administration dismisses the superintendent of BC Roy with immediate effect.

2) All deans/officials (including the registrar) who are related to any type of decision making with regards to BC Roy (for ex. member of a committee that makes such decisions) MUST resign. They are incapable and as such, they have to give way to better people

3) Students should go on an indefinite hunger strike in IIT KGP. While I understand that this step is difficult, but please do it for the sake of Rohit and others who might suffer his fate in future. Invite the media to cover live and let the world see what IIT KGP actually is!!! For decades IIT-KGP has fooled the world that it cares for students, whereas it doesn't

4) Force the IIT administration to make student's part of all committees which makes key decisions. The old logic of freeing students for study is bullshit!

Utkrisht says:
m quoting what one of my frnds at Schols Ave wrote.. n makes perfect sense to me.. 

We need a better hospital on campus, not mass resignations from officials and destruction of public property. We need positive action from the authorities, not negative action from the students. Rejoicing at the suspension of classes is downright despicable in a situation such as this. A serious question that must be asked is, “Have we become what we condemned the most; the stirs and protests that plague Bengal?” The seriousness of the incident has been made amply clear to the authorities, and now it is time to work constructively with them to resolve the issue. Each one should play his part by informing the authorities of the improvements he has in mind through his respective hall representatives. It is imperative that any pictures or videos depicting violence or people engaged in condemnable behavior be suppressed. Negative publicity is something that can be avoided on our part given the bashing our image has taken in the national media. Non-violent methods of protest are the need of the hour and it is best to refrain from mob behavior in the coming days. The coming 3-4 days will define how we, the KGPians, as a student community respond to a crisis of magnitude never experienced before. Let us not forget that we are torchbearers of a premier institute of the country and that to maintain the dignity of the institute is as important as our right to proper healthcare.

abhilek says:
Unfortunately your friend doesn't understand that in IIT Kharagpur we've the MOST thick-skinned administrators in the world! We did everything he suggested. For decades students have been trying to impress upon the administrators these issues, but they JUST DON'T CARE!!! I don't support violence either. However, to protest for a right cause is our fundamental right. The issue plaguing bengal is different. They strike because that gives them a reason NOT TO WORK. But here, students need to stand up, protest and go for hunger strike for their most basic right, i.e. RIGHT TO LIVE!

Remember only one thing, if our forefathers had decided to cooperate with British and work with them, we would still have been their slaves! At IIT, most of the faculty treats students as slaves with least care for their well-being. (Few faculties are awesome though). For administration, students mean nothing. So, a jolt MUST be given to these good for nothing idiots. BC Roy is NOT today's issue, and it's not the first person to lose life due to negligence. It has happened sooooo many times, but the administration has NEVER bothered to take note. So, there's no point of COOPERATING with these good-for-nothing people! It's not their children who're dying... so even if the entire campus turns into a graveyard, they won't care!

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