Monday, March 30, 2009

India the new super power to replace USA

According to the current global conditions, financial disasters made by the american goverments and two expensive wars unfinished wars america is loosing its power. While the mighty Indian economy is growing stronger and stronger not to mention the strength of its army. In a matter of year India will replace usa and become the only superpower.

What are your views


Dante Says:
India is still dependent to USA.She can't become super power without 
the help of USA and UK.Most of multi-nationals companies are US/UK based.

I agree with Farhaan in points about abortion, corruption no human rights that
is caste system.People asks votes based on castes and religions.There is communism
in India.People are killing one another and politicians don't care.Illegal immigration
happens every year and politicians are busy in baking their own bred.

India is going to become super power in only population.she is going to surpass
China in population by 2015.

Reason ? Indian peoples are so stupids because they believe in God.This world
has both hell and heaven.

Heavens : USA,Switzerland,UK,Denmark,Australia,Japan.
Hells : India,Pakistan,Iraq,Iran,philistine.

best regards,

This is kind of ignorant to say people are stupid because they believe in God because believing is not a matter of knowledge. It is also stupid to say a country is heaven or hell because different people prefer to live at different places.
Anyway, what has abortion to do with all that.
These days there are no Superpowers in the world and if its going to change I doubt it will be India. Maybe the economy is still growing, but how many years yet? And how many years does India have to make up to pass economies like North Americans, Europeans or East Asians.
Being wealthy is not about the growth of economy and not about having the richest men in the world but, at least in my opinion, about the average wealthiness of its people and its human rights which is based on democracy. As long as India stays with its Caste System its not going to have a fair economy for its own people. I have met people from India and my parents just went to India las year and I say, the gap between an average Family in India and one in Germany is so huge, that India can't close that gap in decades.

About military - why is it important to have a strong military? As you can see with the USA. Military strength is worth nothing because all it does is destroying. Houses on the one side and money on the other. And lives on both sides. Before fighting someone you should think why you do so. Many people forget that, unfortunately.
Actually, countries who have avoid putting too much effort into war are doing best nowadays. See EU, Japan, South Korea, Canada.

Any Other Views?????
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  1. No way - keep dreaming and drinking the kool-aid if it makes you feel happy.

    A Super-power comes into existance for a few major reasons:
    a) Capacity and willingness to enter into really stupid wars for no good reasons.

    The US fights wars all the time using trumped up excuses - and it has done so throughout its history.

    India never has. Even the few wars it participated in, Pakistan or china started it.

    b) Economy - A Open-ness and willingness to allow people to create business and make money.

    After 40+ years of socialism, only now is the economy slowly opening up. There is still massive poverty, greed, jealosy etc in the system.

    c) Society - A capacity to treat people the same - no matter who they are or where they come from.

    India is still a fundamentally a racist nation - probably the most racist in the world.

    ( I am not proud of this, but i, as an indian, have seen it everywhere - from the villages to the towns to the so-called metros )

    Given all this, you want to make yourself feel good by calling india a superpower - when its people are powerless. You need to find something better to do

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