Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What are Intuition And Omens?

This Blog is about Intuitions n Omens...
Now, brief introduction about those two terms:


Literally intuition meaning Gut feeling..
when we do something, some voice from our inside will give us instruction. In most of the cases, the voice will become TRUE!!

Scientists say it as a mere coincidence.

But, is our INTUITION is mere coincidence??


Literally speaking Omen means signal given by unknown force.

Sometimes when we do something, many things happen around us, which seem to be directing us!!

Omen gives some signal n Intuition takes birth in ourselves..

What n why r these??


I truely believe that everyman is born to do something. Its the man's duty to fulfil that task in this life or the next!!

To guide the person, GOD gives many Omens n try to instigate the intuition in him.

If that Man is wise enough to understand, he can reach his goal. 

But if he fails, he has to take another life to fulfil it!!!The cycle continues till the goal is fulfilled n the Jeevatma can only unite with the paramatma that is MOKSHA can only be attained after he fulfills his duty!!

To make the humans believe what his goal is GOD instigates intuitions..which r not related to the GOAL but, related to the realities in his life.

Once the person starts believing in his intuitions then, he'll get the omen for his goal!!

That sense in every human being is I guess SIXTH SENSE!!

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